Posted on: December 21, 2008 10:25 pm

Week 16- Jets lose to Seattle

Go check any of the message boards concerning today's game between the Jets and the Seahawks and you'll see the word "choke" being kicked around more than a hackey sack at a Pacific Beach drum circle. I have no issue with this. The Jets choked today just like the Jets choked against the Raiders weeks ago. Really good teams are supposed to beat really bad teams, and the Jets lost to: Seattle, Oakland, and San Francisco. No one in their right mind would say that any of those three teams even qualify as mediocre teams. The best you'll get from anyone with half a brain is that the 49ers the last 3 weeks are playing "inspired" football under Mike Singletary. Then again, maybe they just don't want to see his ass again.

Now, onward-

If the Jets, by way of some christmas. channukah/ kwanza miracle manage to sneak into the playoffs, they will most likely go one and done. I am not rooting for this, but I've watched this team too long to think they are put together enough to make a legitimate Super Bowl run. The talent is there, the coaching is questionable at best, but the biggest concern is that the Jets in reality put this team together to win THIS YEAR. Favre is not coming back, and the Jets will be a third round pick the worse for him leaving. Thomas Jones, having a stellar year, will be 31  next season. Alan Faneca ain't getting any younger. the point being that the Jets in all likelihood drop back to a 4 to 6 win team next season. Jets fans everywhere need to start thinking realistically about who will quarterback this team next year.

Kellen Clemens? Doubt it.

Erik Ainge? Only if he gains 20 pounds, he's listed at 220 but its much more like 205.

With Favre leaving and no viable option on the roster I look at who's out there in free agency for next year.

Here's the list of potential starters that will be available next year:

Kurt Warner, Kerry Collins, Matt Cassel, and Jeff Garcia.

So the Jets options are a one year rental on any of the 3 guys over 35, or hope one of probably 7 other teams don't out bid them for Cassel.

None of the other QB's who will be free agents seem to fit (Leftwich, Losman, Orlovsky, etc.), however, the answer may lie in the fact that Arizona is trying to resign Warner right now. If the Cardinals don't trust their future to Matt Leinart, I say the Jets offer a 4th round pick for him and see if they take the bait. Remember, the Jets played with the idea of trading up to get him when he was drafted.

Leinart played in a semi-nfl like system at USC, and I do not believe he cannot play the position at a high level in the NFL. I think he was immature coming into the league, and went to a team unprepared to develop a young QB.

Hey, it could work.

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